Much attention is paid to early-stage technology companies through deployment of venture capital and late-stage technology companies through deployment growth equity. Comparatively few firms are interested in the uncanny valley in between those two stages: healthy, profitable businesses that provide value for their customers and are poised to grow further with additional resourcing and domain expertise, even if they are unlikely to be the next billion dollar company (or even the next hundred million dollar company).

We buy SaaS products or businesses which have:

You’ll be particularly interested in our partnership if you’re a founder or founding team who:


Our goal is to close transactions in less than sixty days, working with you to find a transaction structure that suits your goals.



We are a team of three friends who enjoy the fun and challenge of owning and growing interesting software products. Each of us lived in the same college dorm on the top floor in the same section: Yates Third South.

Colin, Harrison, and Justin each bring different skills and experience to our investment team. Since our time in Yates, we have spent ten years separately honing specific expertises. No team is perfect - and we certainly aren’t - but between us we have:


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